As winter approaches and the days get shorter and colder, many of us look for ways to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and find a little relaxation and rejuvenation. Alternatively,hot springs might be a good fit. Washington state has some of the most beautiful and remote hot springs in the country. Further, these natural wonders offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Indeed, forget the outside world and just relax and rejuvenate.

Goldmyer Hot Springs:

What is more, whether it’s a romantic getaway or a fun family adventure, these hidden gems have something for everyone. Moreover, one of Washington’s most popular hot springs is the Goldmyer Hot Springs. Natural hot springs deep in the Cascade Mountains that can be reached by hiking. To say nothing of crystal clear waters, natural rock pools and breathtaking mountain views are yours from the moment you arrive. In all honesty, it’s surrounded by lush forests too, and the hot springs with the murmuring stream are a healing space.

My personal favorite hot spring is Goldmyer Hot Springs. It is located in a remote area of ​​the Cascade Mountains and is accessible only via hiking trails. Furthermore, the hike isn’t too difficult, but it’s a bit long. As well, when you arrive at the hot spring, it’s like discovering a hidden treasure. As a matter of fact, the water is warm and inviting and there is a large pool for swimming.

What is more, there is also a small waterfall nearby where you can get a massage. On our last visit we had the good fortune of seeing Bambi and family. In fact, that was a magical moment. In all honesty, by the time I dried off my hands to take a pic though, they were gone. Indeed, being amidst the beautiful evergreen fir and the wildlife puts this at the top of my list. 

Another cool hot spring is called Sol Duc Hot Springs. Located in Olympic National Park, it is a little more developed than Goldmyer. There are several pools to choose from, one of which also has a slide. My friend and I dove into the warm water.

“The hot spring water was just the right temperature and felt great on the skin. I spent hours soaking in the hot springs watching the steam rise.”

Our visit to Scenic Hot Springs in Washington State was an amazing experience. Located in the Methow Valley, the hot springs are natural hot springs that pour into man-made pools. On the other hand, the location is great. It’s surrounded by beautiful trees and greenery. To tell the truth, the hot spring water was just the right temperature and felt great on the skin. Besides, I spent hours soaking in the hot springs watching the steam rise. The water is crystal clear and you can see the rocks at the bottom of the pool.

Additionally, the good thing about scenic hot springs is that they are not crowded. Furthermore, I went on a weekday and it was relatively quiet so I had most of it to myself. I felt like I had the hot spring all to myself, and it was very relaxing. Not to mention, the scenic hot spring facilities are clean and well maintained. Not only changing rooms and showers are available, but also picnic tables and chairs as well.  In fact, we enjoyed a picnic lunch with friends and family.

experience the natural beauty of scenic hot springs in the cascade mountains

the hot springs at scenic hot springs in Washington state

List of the top 10 Hotsprings in Washington State:

  1. Goldmyer Hot Springs
  2. Sol Duc Hot Springs
  3. Scenic Hot Springs
  4. Keechelus Lake Hot Springs
  5. Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park Hot Springs
  6. Hanford Reach National Monument Hot Springs
  7. Larrabee State Park Hot Springs
  8. Mineral Lake Hot Springs
  9. Boulder Creek Hot Springs
  10. Whidbey Island Hot Springs.

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All told, Washington’s hot springs are a must. A great way to spend the day with loved ones and enjoy the great outdoors. I can’t wait to go back and explore them further!

OllieM Rating Chart:

Price Value: Worth Every Penny  *****
Proximity: Close **
Safety: Safe ****
Cleanliness:  ***
Hospitality:  ****
Fun Factor: Woohoo  *****
Great for Kids and Adults: Kids and Adults  *****
Will we return: YES! ****
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