Seafood Restaurant Coral Springs The Fish Joint

A new Seafood Restaurant opened in Coral Springs FL so we decided to take the kids their and try it out. We had been hearing good things in the community and wanted to know what all the hype is about.

As we walked up to restaurant we saw plenty of dinners which was a good sign. It immediately seemed like a very trendy spot with cool slogans like “straight out the ocean” and “shrimping ain’t easy”.

The decor, and all inside art on the walls sets a vibe and lets you know they pay attention to detail. From my experience a place that takes pride in the design usually means it takes pride in the art of making food. I Especially love the Large Fish mural by @UrbanRuben

Ordering was easy and the menu has many options from Sea and Land. This is great cause our 6 year old boy doesn’t eat fish and we don’t eat shellfish so there is something for everyone. We ordered Mahi tacos, Mahi sandwich, a burger with fries and a grilled salmon with corn. They have plenty of fish options like salmon, snapper, grouper, tuna, mahi and cod. As well as shrimp and lobster in all different formats like tacos, sandwiches, hoagies or on a plater. They have generous portions for each and I especially loved their unique cut of french fries that are like thick potatoes skins perfectly cooked.

If you love fish, but don’t wanna pay $30-40 for a dish at a restaurant this is the place to go. Most dishes or sandwiches being $16-18 range. A great value. The service was great and the manager gave us a free corn on the cob since it was our first time dining. They really know how to win their customers loyalty. Conveniently located off the sawgrass highway and close to my home I am sure I will be a regular for lunches and dinners.

Overall it was a great dining experience for affordable prices without having to spend extra on tipping waiters since its a counter order and sit style joint.

Included in this post are pictures of the food, menus, decor and directions. Be sure to check out more food reviews of restaurants on our blog and see the OllieM rating of The Fish Joint below.

Fish Joint Mural by @UrbanRuben

Mural By @UrbanRuben

Seafood Restaurant Coral Springs

Mahi Sandwich at Seafood Restaurant Coral Springs The Fish Joint

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OllieM Rating The Fish Joint

*Great Value
*Will dine again and be a regular
*Cleanliness 5*
*Price: $$$
*Vibe: Yes
*Decor: On Point
*For Kids and Adults
*Flavor 5*