OllieM Rating Chart:
We rate the places we visit by the standards below. As a matter of fact, this chart makes it easy for you to quickly get the downlow and know on anywhere you go. Moreover, know exactly where to go and what to do even when traveling somewhere new. In all honesty, that’s the OllieM Motto. Businesses can contact us for opportunity to receive an OllieM Rating: If you think your hotel or restaurant has exceptional service and quality products we would love to hear from you.  We provide Online Review, Window Sticker and Influencer Events. See your business grow with OllieM.
OllieM Rating for your business

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Price Value: Worth Every Penny
Proximity: Close / Far *****
Safety: Safe / Not Safe *****
Cleanliness: 1-5 Star *****
Hospitality: 1-5 Star *****
Fun Factor: Woohoo
Great for Kids and Adults: Kids and Adults / Adults Only *****
Will we return: YES! / NO *****

*Great Value
*Will dine again / Be a regular
*Cleanliness 1-5 *****
*Price: $-$$$$$
*Vibe: Yes
*Decor: On Point
*For Kids and Adults or Just Adults
*Flavor 1-5*

We do not rate businesses if we do not approve!