I recently had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Orange Beach, Alabama. To say nothing of beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters were just the beginning of the fun. If you’re planning a trip to Orange Beach, here are the top 2 coolest local spots you can’t miss, and local restaurants you won’t be able to resist.

Nature Trail Envy

In all honesty, the Hugh S. Brannion Backcountry Trail tops the must-see list. This beautiful nature trail is the perfect way to get in touch with nature and enjoy the peace and tranquility while taking in stunning vistas. Not to mention, the trails are surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife, and it’s easy to lose track of time exploring them all.

Next is the Gulf State Park Pier, a great place to fish and take in breathtaking views of the Gulf of Mexico. Not only whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just looking for a fun activity to do with your family, but the pier has something for everyone as well. I loved listening to the atmospheric ambience.

Best Local Eats

On the other hand, let’s talk about food! The first restaurant we visited was Fisher’s at the Orange Beach Marina. To tell the truth, this seafood restaurant is a local favorite and it’s easy to see why. In fact, the menu is packed with delicious seafood dishes like grilled mahi-mahi and seafood platters loaded with fresh shrimp, crab legs and oysters. The food is always fresh and expertly prepared, making Fisher’s a must-visit place in Orange Beach.

“Served with seasoned rice and grilled vegetables, grilled mahi-mahi is a filling treat.”

In the first place, on my list was the grilled mahi-mahi. The fish is perfectly cooked and the zesty citrus sauce complements the natural flavors. Served with seasoned rice and grilled vegetables, grilled mahi-mahi is a filling treat. Alternatively, we had the seafood platter which was bursting with fresh shrimp, crab legs and oysters. As well as the platter also includes sides of crispy fries and coleslaw that perfectly complement the seafood.

Furthermore, we went to Gulf Shores steamer and enjoyed their signature steamed crab legs. Besides, the juicy, succulent meat melted in your mouth and paired perfectly with the garlic butter for dipping. Further, to round off the meal, I enjoyed the roasted red potatoes.
In addition, we tasted gumbo, a rich, flavorful broth filled with juicy shrimp and hearty sausage. What is more, the gumbo is served with plump white rice that balances the spice of the dish.

In Conclusion

To tell the truth, my trip to Orange Beach turned out to be a seafood lover’s paradise. Indeed, from Fisher’s at the Orange Beach Marina to the Gulf Shores Steamer, you’ll find delicious food to satisfy any appetite. Much less, from grilled fish to steamed crab legs, both restaurants offer a variety of seafood to satisfy every palate. Either places will suit any seafood lover’s palates.

OllieM Rating Chart:

Price Value: Worth Every Penny ****
Proximity: Close ****
Safety: Safe  *****
Cleanliness:  ***
Hospitality:  ****
Fun Factor: Woohoo  ***
Great for Kids and Adults: Kids and Adults  *****
Will we return: YES!  ***
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