As a recent visitor of Savannah, Georgia, I’m always excited to share the cool places to discover and the best places to eat in this charming town. Speaking of must-see spots, don’t miss River Street. You can stroll the historic cobbled streets, enjoy river views and shop for souvenirs. Another local favorite is Forsyth Park, a 30-acre park perfect for picnicking, jogging or just relaxing. In addition, let’s not forget the Savannah Historic District. To say nothing of the 22-block area home to many of the city’s oldest and most beautiful buildings, including the birthplace of Juliet Gordon Law.

Some Fun Places on River Street

To tell the truth, one of my favorite things to do is browse the unique boutiques and shops along the street. Here you can find everything from handmade jewelry, souvenirs and local artwork. As you walk from shop to shop, enjoy the sights and sounds of the river and the boats that come and go. Indeed, another must-see on River Street is to enjoy delicious seafood and Southern cuisine. Moreover, on our most recent visit, we had the pleasure of dining at River House Seafood and sampled the juicy fried shrimp and hushpuppies. Not to mention, the price point is moderate but the flavor is robust.

“As you walk from shop to shop, enjoy the sights and sounds of the river and the boats that come and go.”

Additionally, if you’re looking for some outdoor fun, take a walk along the river or take a horse-drawn carriage tour. Not only will you not regret it but you’ll thank me as well. Further, we think these activities are a great way to unwind and relax while immersing yourself in the history and beauty of Savannah.

Forsyth Park

Fortunately during our visit it was a sunny day and we decided to go on a picnic with my friends. We arrived early to stake out near the fountain and spread blankets. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of the park as we unpacked our baskets full of sandwiches, fruit and drinks. Children played on swings and families had picnics on nearby blankets.

We then took a leisurely walk through the park admiring the stunning flowers and plants along the way. We also visited the Garden of Scents, a sensory garden for the disabled, and were struck by the beauty and tranquility of the space.

Throughout the day, we lounged in our blankets, chatted, and stopped occasionally to play frisbee or throw a ball. The breeze was warm and gentle, and the sun was shining on us, making it a perfect picnic day. When the sun finally set, we packed up and said goodbye to Forsyth Park where we had already planned our next picnic. A picnic is an unforgettable experience and a real pleasure.

My 3 Top Picks of Local Eats

Furthermore, when it comes to food, Savannah has plenty of delicious options, but here are three of the locals favorite’s.

  1. The Olde Pink House – This iconic restaurant is known for its signature dish, fried duck breast served with sweet potato hash and blueberry compote. Signature drinks include the Pink Lady Cocktail and Peach Bellini.
  2. Treylor Park – In all honesty, if you’re looking for a fun, casual atmosphere, this is the place. Don’t miss the loaded tater tots. In fact, try the Trailer Park Punch, a refreshing blend of vodka, lemon, and basil.
  3. The Gray – Housed in a former Greyhound bus station, this elegant restaurant offers a farm-to-table menu with an emphasis on Southern cuisine. Fried chicken and donuts are a must. Don’t miss the Charleston Light Dragoon’s Punch, a blend of aged rum, brandy and sherry.
    These are just a few of the many great restaurants and attractions in Savannah, Georgia. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, you’re sure to have a great time exploring this city and all it has to offer!

OllieM Rating Chart:

Price Value: Worth Every Penny  *****
Proximity: Close  *****
Safety: Safe  *****
Cleanliness:  ***
Hospitality:  ****
Fun Factor: Woohoo ****
Great for Kids and Adults: Kids and Adults  ****
Will we return: YES!  ****
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