I recently embarked on a fascinating trip to Seattle, WA and the city did not disappoint. What is more the city is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and crystal clear waters. To say nothing of Seattle, it offers an abundance of natural beauty and a vibrant arts and culture scene.

“The expertly prepared salmon bursts with flavor thanks to complementary herbs and spices, with crisp, crunchy vegetables providing a nice contrast to the rich, creamy salmon.”

While exploring the city, I discovered the Salmon House. Actually, it’s a local restaurant known for its fresh and locally caught seafood. As a matter of fact, as I walked in I was struck by the charming atmosphere. Besides the friendly service and of course the quality of the food. My wife’s meal was the famous grilled salmon and seasonal vegetables. To say nothing of the the expertly prepared salmon which bursts with flavor thanks to complementary herbs and spices. Not to mention the crisp, crunchy vegetables providing a nice contrast to the rich, creamy salmon.

Moreover, my meal, I decided to try something new and ordered the clam chowder. Indeed, the rich, hearty broth, filled with tender, juicy mussels, was perfectly seasoned. To tell the truth, the crusty bread on the side served as the perfect dip companion.
In addition to delicious food, Seattle also has a wealth of cultural sights, museums, and attractions. Further,on this trip, we made sure to visit the five must-see destinations:

Top 5 Experiences:

1) Space Needle – In the first place, this iconic tower offers stunning views of the city. It is a must-see for anyone wanting to experience the best of Seattle from above.

2) Pike Place Market – A foodie’s paradise, this bustling market offers a variety of fresh produce and handcrafted goods.

3) Chihuly Garden and Glass – Featuring Dale Chihuly’s stunning glass work, this museum is a must-see for anyone interested in contemporary art.

4) Museum of Pop Culture – Dedicated to the history of pop culture, this museum is a great place to learn. Showcasing the music, film and television industry that have shaped our society.

5) Seattle Art Museum – Home to a vast collection of contemporary and classic art. This world-class museum is the perfect place to explore the city’s creative spirit.

In all honesty, Seattle is a truly unique and charming city that has something for everyone. In fact, whether you’re a foodie, or an art lover, or simply someone who loves exploring. Seattle is a must-see destination that will leave you with an unforgettable impression.

OllieM Rating Chart:

Price Value: Worth Every Penny  ****
Proximity: Close  *****
Safety: Safe  *****
Cleanliness: ****
Hospitality: ****
Fun Factor: Woohoo  ****
Great for Kids and Adults: Kids and Adults *****
Will we return: YES! ****
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